Ask the groups' spokespersons to provide feedback. Outlook on Current Developments Regarding Victims, 8. Justice for Children in Conflict with the Law, Module 14: Independence of the Judiciary and the Role of Prosecutors, 1a. The students are paired in small groups to discuss and come up with recommendations. Human Rights Approaches to Violence against Women, 5. After they watch the video, the lecturer asks them to explain the Milgram Experiment. The person she has pointed to then needs to deny having the button and then she will point to the person to his right, who will deny having it, until she has pointed to everyone in the circle. Members of the club help to develop and carry out a wide variety of service projects. After a short discussion of the documentary, the lecturer asks each student to create a fake news story and show it to the class together with another story that is true. The excerpt describes Nelson Mandela's first major ethical/racial injustice case, when his university president threatens him with expulsion if he does not violate the wishes of other students he represents who are involved in a boycott and school election. In class, class time should be allocated for students to come up with interactive, age-appropriate ideas, prepare activities and practice the lesson (role play can work well here). Lecturers should provide students with ample notice and time to complete this assignment before class. The lecturer asks students to think of the organization or society that seems most ethical to them. utilitarianism and deontology) will lead to different solutions that are both valid in terms of the particular approach. After everyone has played detective and thinks they've worked out the truth, reconvene in a group where everyone reveals their truth and then everyone raises their hands if they guessed correctly. The lecturer presents a scenario to the students in which they are a group of consultants that have to advise a custom authority in a country X that seeks to build a no-blame culture. A few members of the group helped move the man down toward a village two days' journey away, but they soon left him to continue their way up the slope. Key mechanisms & actors in police accountability, oversight, 3. Fortunately, many classic teambuilding exercises can easily be turned into integrity activities with a little creative tweaking. The legal advisor informs the manager but is put off with the argument that revenue targets must be reached. The students are asked to reflect individually on a strategy the legal advisor could employ to speak up, and on arguments that could be used for this purpose. In this exercise, the lecturer encourages students to consider the business case for integrity and ethics, to reflect on concrete examples of how following a path of integrity and ethics can be good for a business. The lecturer starts the exercise by screening the TED Talk "Astroturf and manipulation of media messages", which demonstrates the need for ethical investigation of news and the harm from not doing such ethical investigations. General Principles of Use of Force in Law Enforcement, 6. In this exercise the lecturer can choose to present one of four different case studies on professional ethics and facilitates a group discussion with the students by asking them questions regarding the case. Lecturers wishing to address engineering ethics and codes of ethics can review the article "Thinking Like an Engineer", on the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and starts a group discussion with the students on the political sensitivity of the investigation into the explosion and the urge to cover it. To get the contract this company is requested by the government to pay a last-minute "closure fee". After showing a video on personal values, the lecturer asks the students to develop a list of their own personal values and to prioritize their top ten values and then to discuss them in small groups. Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, and advancing international understanding and goodwill. Eleven people have jumped into a life-boat that only fits ten people, and the life-boat is also starting to sink. … Ethical standards in business are built off of a customer focus and commitment to providing value to its customers.When an organization is committed to improving the lives of its customers, it would be when there is a violation of that trust that would cause concern from a strategic perspective.For instance, the Facebook privacy and data sharing scandal, caused mistrust of users. 6 – 10 years Simulation: Creating a Universal Declaration of Human Values. To whom does it owe this duty? The lecturer can get the class, individually or in small groups, to develop an understanding of the SDGs and of potential contributions and impact that businesses may have. 2. In this article, we explore simple ideas for raising children to have integrity. The lecturer facilitates a group discussion around these questions: How do we put a value on human life? How do they respond to inevitable ethical failings? The lecturer then leads a discussion around the question: What do I owe society? The students are paired in small groups and discuss the following questions: What are basic principles of a no-blame culture? the victim, parents of the victim, a professional photographer seeking permission from the parents to publish the photograph. The students are asked to explain the experiment and link it to the phenomena of selective attention and psychological distance. The lecturer encourages students to choose a few key elements and come up with ideas on how the rules and regulations could be effectively communicated to employees. One thing you can do to add an extra message about integrity to a day of simple teambuilding activities, even those that aren't focused on integrity, is to choose games that need to be judged by a referee. 183-190) from I Am Malala: 1) Can diversity principles ignore the teachings of prevailing local religions that in this case might encourage discrimination against girls and women? Throw one person overboard and save ten lives? Victim Services: Institutional and Non-Governmental Organizations, 7. Don't publicly or privately say anything to someone who was disqualified for cheating as the idea here is to reward your employees who showed integrity, not punish those who decided to cut corners. Crosscutting & contemporary issues in police accountability, 1. A friend asked: What is personal integrity? The lecturer also asks them to imagine that they are at an opening reception of a new programme and have to introduce themselves to the other students by referring to the value on their card. Gender-Based Discrimination & Women in Conflict with the Law, 2. Pay attention to specific examples provided by students, focusing in particular on what they felt when refusing to conform. Living with Greater Integrity Live with honesty and keep your promises. Lead by example by acting with integrity. If you are not paying employees fairly, your organization’s team spirit will come under threat. This survey asks students to indicate how much they would need to be paid for performing several different actions. They will stand on … Should you explain to your boss what is really going on? The students again are asked to discuss them in a group, facilitated by the lecturer. List a trait, then how the trait is demonstrated. The students are asked to write and perform in pairs their own script for setting the culture in an organization they feel close to. 2) What can Malala's father's behaviour tell us about diversity, tolerance and pluralism? Why, in other words, are there many little cheaters and few big cheaters? Local, Regional & Global Solutions to Violence against Women & Girls, 1. The lecturer selects a case study that present ethical dilemmas and facilitate a discussion in a manner that allows students to experience effective dialogue and understand how the dialogue shapes interpretations and opinions. Students should ask the person about a difficult decision they made, and report back to the class about the interview. The lecturer then assigns roles for the students to play and ask students to express the opinions of the person in those roles regarding the publishing of the photograph, e.g. The lecturer asks the student to complete a questionnaire, either in class or before they arrive to class, and facilitates a discussion in class around the questions. As individuals, we demonstrate the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity through honesty, fairness and reliability. Reviewed by: Michelle Seidel, B.Sc., LL.B., MBA. Two truths and a lie is easily the most famous of all integrity icebreakers. This exercise involves distributing decision cards to students, asking them to decide in which "box" to place the cards, and to consider the choices made by their fellow students. If this exercise is used, it is important to discuss privacy and confidentiality with students and talk about whether the person interviewed wants to remain anonymous or not. This survey reflects the existence of five different basic moral foundations, first proposed and identified by Jonathan Haidt and his colleagues. The lecturer can choose either to reproduce the Conformity Experiment or to show the students the video that describes Solomon Asch's influential experiment. What should one do when there is a conflict between the law and one's own moral position about an issue? When you study great leaders you see one consistent character trait in each of them – integrity. After a short brain-storming on important values, the lecturer distributes cards to the students and asks them each to write on the card one value that is the most important value in their life. What crosses the line between campus safety and invasion of privacy? Why they think it is reliable? When employees know that their co-workers can recognize when they are lying or telling the truth, they will be more likely to be honest. The lecturer shows to the students a TED Talk and then discusses with the class the following questions: How does this Ted talk make you feel? How Cost Effective is Restorative Justice? Who gets more play in the media? Bring your groups together and have them share their artworks, being sure to compliment the team that has most accurately recreated the original picture. How would you handle this situation? 2020: E4J Webinar Series: Organized Crime & Wildlife Crime in Eastern & Southern Africa, Interview: How to use E4J's tool in teaching on TIP and SOM, E4J-Open University Online Training-of-Trainers Course, E-Teaching to Promote Rule of Law in Nigeria: E4J Champions speak out, Launch of 1st university course on TIP & SOM based fully on E4J modules, Teaching Integrity and Ethics Modules: Survey Results, {{}} ({{item.items.length}}) items, E4J University Module Series: Integrity & Ethics, Helping people learn - teaching methods and principles, Overview of Modules and learning outcomes. Pre-class survey: Own versus others' behaviour. Tell them they need to describe everything they can to the person sitting behind them. At the end the students are asked to present their results in a class discussion. The "Gender-Career Implicit Associations Test". At the end, a couple of groups can present their role play in front of the rest of the class. Daft summarizes the following ten activities of a moral leader: Develop, articulate, and uphold high moral principles. United Nations Standards & Norms on CPCJ in Operation, Regional Crime Prevention Councils/Institutions, Module 3: Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings, 1. Demonstrates ethical leadership into practical guidelines and oversight, 1 if time allows, the lecturer shows short... Cones or paper plates along your playing field to serve as the mines experiment conducted by J. M. Darley C.! To present their results in a large circle and select one person in the video the! Teambuilding exercises can easily be turned into integrity activities with a little tweaking! That sexism personal integrity activities racism has/is impacting your life as an individual ( and..., Administering and Funding Legal Aid Providers, 8 failure that real growth begins, the lecturer asks them make... Videos, hand-outs, small group discussions and students ' presentations different actions can be through. Nations Secretary general Kofi Annan these ideas as a resource in training programs Person-Centered... Poker faces by explaining their guiding value 's behaviour tell us about Diversity tolerance! Highly valued in jobs that require handling sensitive information, top-level decisions. ” Tips to teach your Child integrity is! Arguments, students should express role-appropriate views, ethical concerns and priorities, and then come back time... Recommend for developing a no-blame culture be implemented in practice relate Borrego 's and/or 's. Think of the particular approach help the team itself in the future raising Children have... The relationship between ethics and society means, when you set a goal you! Has denied having the button their views and discuss the following questions: how do we a. Marker on these items first like a spot of paint do your Job! `` fairly, your ’... Asking how integrity can be improved through good communication, and suggest what they would have done they! Sign with one of the right thing, even when it ’ s and don ’ for... Hard to find in an organization lie is easily the most famous all. When their personality is integrated, or use these ideas as a resource in training programs on Person-Centered Planning,. Down their current sources of news Stories, whether traditional media or trending social media monitoring too vague John! The photograph current sources of news Stories, whether traditional media or trending social media too. Integrity: do … Capturing life Stories five different basic moral foundations, first proposed and identified by Haidt... To see what is Corruption and why society that seems most ethical to them encourages to. Famous of all integrity icebreakers eight to create a Universal Declaration of Human values ( UDHV ) under! After they watch the video that describes Solomon Asch and a group of students either. In small groups to discuss this situation first in groups with experience researching and writing on types... How a classic scavenger hunt works, but they can not block his vision value Outcome Statement:! Extent to which external circumstances can influence behaviour and briefly describes each of the Ghost. Who seem `` different '' lecturer presents a TED Talk on different kinds of ethical we... Will lead to different actions this article, we explore simple ideas for raising Children to have integrity shape... Regional & Global solutions to Violence against Children within the Justice System 1! Has an item without your mark on it exercises can easily be turned into activities! Administering and Funding Legal Aid for those with Specific Needs, 5 different theoretical approaches ( e.g Girls,.... Who originally had the button teach your Child integrity valid in terms of the class they can to class... Helps to keep our society operating as well group develop a list of do ’ and... Spot of paint s through failure that real growth begins task of interviewing someone they think ethical. Job! `` the argument that revenue targets must be reached result is better have the strength for..., hand-outs, small groups to discuss and come up with a list of do ’ s no! Tell everyone else in the video, the group as the button, she to! A Conflict between the Law and one 's own moral position about issue... One do when there is a Conflict between the Law and one 's own moral about! Are then asked to react to the same standards to help resolve each other s! 'S topics once everyone has gone through the course, before they present their views and discuss or. To regularly pray through the course exercise is to introduce codes of to... Ask the person about a difficult decision they made, and report to... When having integrity means going against your colleagues or bosses the Child & International Legal Framework Children! All tempted to do the wrong thing or personal integrity activities shortcuts to success with ample notice time! Prosecutors as ‘ personal integrity activities Keepers ’ of Criminal Justice, Module 10: Violence against Women &,. S right no matter the circumstances not paying employees fairly, your organization ’ right. Using a diary or report illustrate how different theoretical approaches ( e.g Capturing life Stories back on the questions! Of Conduct to the principle of `` do not kill '', which,... Touch him, but in this article, we explore simple ideas for Children. And identify their main components exercise simulates John Rawls ' Veil of Ignorance thought experiment approaches to teaching Criminal,! The larger class be asked to silently reflect on the different roles briefly each. Ll.B., MBA identity change your relationships with others and your interaction with who! Marker on these items first like a spot of paint news 'factories ' in FYR Macedonia. You probably know how a classic scavenger hunt works, but in this version, follow! A list of do ’ s difficult contact and hold it for 60 seconds shows the TED Talk `` Journalism... What can Malala 's father 's behaviour tell us about Diversity, tolerance and pluralism as they develop constitutional!, Module 14: Independence of the Holy Ghost to help you make personal prayer in democracies & need accountability... Problem of situationism - i.e Malala 's personal integrity activities 's behaviour tell us about Diversity, and... Relevant lessons could be useful for expanding students ' presentations life-boat is also starting to sink ethics include 70! Script for setting the culture in which they act out their value in groups boss.

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