You can also teach a Playbow on cue (a wonderful way to relax both your dog and the other one), “Get back” (behind me), Sit (no matter what else is happening). Thank you for the timely post. Patricia and her husband live with their working Border Collies Willie and Maggie, her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Tootsie, outside of Madison, WI, along with a very spoiled flock of sheep. This powerful memoir twines the lives of an extraordinary dog and an extraordinary woman. I plead guilty. John Mcconnell in Illinois. I have found that putting him behind me and greeting the approaching dog myself can sometimes distract the loose dog long enough for the hapless owner to gather up the loose dog. I walk dogs and care for them when their peeps are out of town. I am a huge fan and listen to many of your books while driving. # theotherendoftheleash # unwantedadvances See More. Mine is trained to (usually) target on my cane, which has a clicker attached for intermittent C/T’s. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. Today at 1:49 PM. @Beth- That’s a great point, differentiating between true offensive ‘aggression’ and hostile/fearful ‘reaction’. It's such an honor. The plastic Easter egg makes a bigger target – looks like a ball when you throw it – and will split and spill kibble when it hits the ground, and the plastic egg pieces are something else to investigate once the kibble is gone. You can also wait for your dog for your dog to offer the response you want on his own. I have had problems over the years with the numpty owners of an aggressive Husky/GSD mix who has no recall, has attacked many other dogs and also bitten a dog owner I know. I am frustrated that all the dogs that had previously had been attacked by this dog didn’t have owners who reported it to the police, especially the man who got bitten by this dog as it tried to grab a treat from his hand that he was giving his own dog. However, how else would we feel when we know that a dog fight might ensue or at minimum your dog is going to react badly? I give the long walk between 5-6 in the morning, and choose large streets with cross streets where I can see who is coming around corner. I think dog-dog reactivity is a much bigger problem than it was before–so many of our dogs meet other dogs when on leash and being forced by sidewalks to walk directly toward them, and so many people are getting their dogs out more (yay!). I wish people did not drive to parks and use them as a way to have uncontrollable dogs off leash! They key is to start with a low intensity version of what’s scary, and a high value version of something your dog loves. 286,313 people follow this. 219,572 people like this. I wish the Lucy would have identified where that B&B is located. or your dog might attack a friendly dog just for approaching you, is it really very different from knowing that you or they might attack a friendly person? But far more powerful than either of those, it’s a book about overcoming trauma, understanding how experiencing trauma affects every aspect of the survivor’s life and behavior — and gathering the courage, compassion, and forgiveness to face the trauma and heal. It went okay but those dog owners were concerned because their dog can be reactive. A Tale of Two Species: Patrica McConnell Explains Why We Love Dogs Video: Steve and Patrica talk about training dogs through play WLS On Demand: One-hour with Patricia McConnell – this is amazing! I’ve written a lot about this, (see “Aggression Toward Other Dogs” in the Learning Center) but I thought this was a good time to revisit the topic. 3) Wait! I try to engage when she wants to play in the house, but when is enough enough? Your email address will not be published. Wish I had better options, but short of getting into the car and driving outbound for 45 minutes, every walk inevitably involves encounters with one or more hyped-up off-leash dog and their insensitive owners. 2) When my husband is outside talking to a neighbor with leashed dogs, I leash my dog and take him to just within whatever distance HE decides he can be without reacting; when he settles (however long that takes), we move a little closer but still out of contact range (he’s not ready for that yet). I do have to note that you cannot bring dogs to the theme parks, but dog friendly lodging is easily possible if your dog can be crated some of the time. Get into it, it actually can be fun. Be specific and thoughtful about context–it will vary depending on the dog, (how big, how fast, etc. It is very difficult to care for such a dog. When they answer “ours is fine”, we release Obi with a “go say hi!”. BEST News. Share on. When we first had our then 1,5 year old rescue Galgo she was quite insecure with other dogs. I long to have my reactive dog get some off leash time but that sadly is not possible. My worst problem is when Casey sees a dog before I do and reacts (lunge/bark) before I have the chance to ask for a different behavior. Time perhaps to eliminate "you dirty rat" from our vocabulary? What strikes me especially is how much fear there is about dogs running up to our own. This is my first dog and it’s hard for me to let “fo” of the leash.

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