But, I read the 100 series isn’t the tractor to buy if you are mowing on slopes. LIST PRICE: $2,799.00 USD, Who is this lawn tractor for? thank you so much in advance for your response…. Appreciate the article. It cuts well and the Kohler engine has an excellent reputation. I have a 1.25 acre lot and I plan to resod or seed the lot with zoysia grass. I think my best option might be with the Cub or Craftsman models but can you recommend a 42″ deck model? I have 1/2 acre new fescue and 1/2 acre of prairie grass to cut, all flat, when it’s mature enough to mow plus grass and fall leaf mulching. I strongly recommend an ELS if you have hills to mow. It has the best cutting decks. I’m in central Ohio. I am also considering the E120/E130 models, the Cub Cadet Enduro XT1s, and the Craftsman Pro 27042. Hi William, I got all three questions and I’ll answer them here. There many different brands available at farm stores but I prefer the Acrease Brand from Kunz Engineering. Hi Paul, so then is there a difference in the transmissions between the E130 and the E140? Start up the tractor and go mow your lawn. Changing the oil is as easy as twisting on a new oil-filled filter. Hi David, The E120, E130, E140, E150 and E160 will all work with a snow blade. OR, in your expert opinion, for what I am looking to do (leaves, carry some mulch and mow approx 1.25 acres, would the E120 suffice for years to come? What is left in the bottom of that crankcase after you twist off that old filter? 3. E140 2 year/120 hour warranty. Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E110 42 in. Who is this lawn tractor for? Paul, another great answer, I agree 100%! Clump grasses and weeds tend to have a lot more moisture than regular lawn grasses and the mulch plug will just make a mess. I’m considering buying the 44″ snow blower attachment for a short, 30 ft driveway as well as my neighbors comparable driveway. I don’t think the electric Cub Cadet or the E160 are the right choice. Thank you for the advice. So first question. If you are not used to working on them and you have the dealer repair it the cost of repairs can easily reach $500-$1500. Just wondering how heavy a load it can pull in a lawn cart. It’s mostly flat. (My guess is it uses a different carburetor and comes with a front bumper.). I am inclined to get the E170 because I perceive the transmission is better. Sears is too busy with other problems to keep the tractors in stock. Fab decks are tougher and will last longer. TodaysMower.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links to Amazon. The E180 is the wrong tractor for what you want to do. Would I even want to consider a machine in the E line? That said, I’d still suggest the heavier transmission as your main deciding factor. It’s more fuel-efficient and you don’t ever have to worry about bad gas clogging the carb. Yes, fender control is gone. (like your grandma’s driveway) That will give me a good idea of what will work well for you. The rest use one of two variations of the Tuff Torq TLT200. I ask because the D-155 is still available at some stores and online at Home Depot. Cub Cadet engine is OK ? Tuff Torq TLT200B – E140, E150, E160 vacuum and such. The S240 does have a different deck but you will only notice the difference if you are a perfectionist and have a perfectly manicured lawn. In need of some advice because I don’t want to upgrade or sell my E100 John Deere just for more pull power. I am moving to a bigger lawn and have kind of information overload. Do you think my machine (E180) will be suitable for light snow blowing for the occasional storm? Budget is in the $2k range. Hi Eric, Got it! Paul, I really am glad I found your site. The E160 now has smaller, 20 inch rear tires and the TLT200B. HI Stephen, I doubt it but I suggest going to mytractorforum.com and ask the guys over there. You can see what accessories are available for your new John Deere E100 series here: You can see what accessories are available at The Home Depot for John Deere riding mowers here: The E100 series is a good, well-designed lawn tractor and is not a “Garden Tractor.”. Have you ever treated the under side of the deck when new before first usage, with oil or powdered graphite spray? 2014 Raven MPV-7100 Hybrid Mower Review – Are You Ready For A Change? Hi Richard, No I have not quit discussing Craftsman. You had mentioned 30% stronger in a reply to Peter below. 42 inch Edge Cutting System: Edge Cutting System: Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut It appears that the frame of the E140 is slightly narrower. John Deere does offer a mulch plug, mulching blades and bagging blades for this tractor. So, the next best thing is to use the deck wash every time you mow. In essence: The 20 HP power of this tractor makes uphill work easy. I figured I would be more than safe with an E170 based on this article. So the 18.5 HP really has about the same power as the 22-24 HP engine in the 100 series. My wife & I just bought our first house with just over an acre (1.03) of land. I am seriously looking to purchase a riding lawn tractor and looking at the JD E120 or E160. 25 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, See all the John Deere Lawn Tractors including the California Compliant Models at The Home Depot here: John Deere Lawn Tractors, About Paul Sikkema My second choice is the E170 but the transmission is not quite as strong. 25 cu. Compared to the E140 the E170 has the larger tires, K46 trans, ELS engine and 30-second oil change. Was looking at the JD 100 series for cost. You can mow with them and add a bucket loader. High-back seat is easily adjustable Or pulling anything more than small yard cart. The engine is the Extended life engine and no matter what the dealer is telling you that engine will last as long as the one in the S240 series. To beat this topic to death – the following is from John Deere’s dealer website http://salesmanual.deere.com. Here is the correct Bagger: Craftsman 19A30003799 42–46 In. Did you put the same fuel from the same gas can in both tractors? My yard is 1-2 acres and it is all hill, although when mowing I’m usually mowing perpendicular to the hill. I like this concept and I like the idea of saving time, but there are three things that bother me about the new John Deere System. Your thoughts on this combo and alternate choices within the Deere line (and maybe Cub Cadet after reading some of your comments)? I’m new to riding lawnmowers and your articles have been very helpful and detailed. Hubby trying to make me spend more money and don’t want to. But I was curious about the electric lawn tractor by cub cadet also. The X320 looks to be in good shape, but it is close to buying a new cub cadet with warranty. Why? Some manufacturers “stretch” that design spec and also install it in lawn tractors with 54-inch decks and 23-24 inch rear wheels. It saved me a lot of time and effort. – I can’t recommend Craftsman Pro at this time. I don’t use metal scrapers. Can you confirm, it sounds like the 100 series are too lightweight / out of scope for this job? Which New 2019-2020 John Deere E100 Series Lawn Tractor Is Right For Me? Just a reminder – the E100 series is designed to mow your lawn well, pull a yard cart for yard cleanup, mount a 2-bin bagger. I understand I have enough power but it sounds like the transmission might be the limiting factor. I’ll be getting a snowblower too so I wouldn’t be doing much more with the mower than fertilizing & getting a pull cart for landscaping. This “White Glove Delivery” includes Unpack Rider and Setup, Remove All Packing Debris, Connect and Check Battery, Test Starter Function, Set Correct Tire Pressure, Check – Fill Fluids, File Mower Warranty for you, and show you how to use your new John Deere lawn tractor. The Sub-compacts have a rear PTO and hitch for mowing tall grass and grading/working in the dirt. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I don’t recommend a Husqvrna at this time and if you feel you really want one don’t buy it from the big box store. I am looking at the E160 … I would consider the Cub XT1 LT50″ (a little less $$ than the Deere), but not sure about Cub vs Deere. Anything larger than your little finger should be picked up before you mow. 10 years ago I would agree with you but today the K46 is the “standard” transmission in lawn tractors. You can get a comparable mower for around $1500 from any other brand. I had originally purchased an E140 but after the dealer messed up twice in a row, they upgraded me to the E180 free of charge. It’s worth giving the blade a try. Fill the tank with fresh E10 – 87 octane fuel. Plus, you get armrests and a front bumper. A normal Intec or Intec plus Briggs will only last them 40-50 hours. Hi Bob, Almost all of today’s mowers use sealed bearings on the deck so I don’t recommend using a gas pressure washer to clean the decks. Great article, I had the hardest time trying to figure out which mower I wanted and needed even after looking them all up individually. Need the money it to expand my business. The K46 works well for tractors with up to 22-inch tires and a 48-inch deck or less. Are the more expensive ones worth the additional cost? You can easily mow it in 30-45 minutes. Nowadays only a few negative reviews or problems can greatly affect the sale of a product. brand new john deere e12 flex wing rotary cutter!! Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily Please recycle. And I may need to use one of those carts that catch leaves/acorns (Btw our land is basically all flat) Anyway, when I call the dealers, they agree that the E series is good, but if I’d like the engine and transmission to last longer then I should think of going to the S240 model. Buying a mower is a pain, you have so many options and don’t really know the difference between a 1k$ tractor and a 4k$ tractor… Thank you for your website that gives a lot of info. Straight mowing back and forth. 25 cu. Will pull a trailer for light duty yard work. I have the 42 because I have a lot of areas where I can’t get a 48-50 inch mower through. I do suggest painting the underside with Rustoleum if there are a lot of bare metal spots. I have a few customers south of where I live who mow that steep of hills. I tried to google the TLT200b found in the e140 that I am looking at and found almost nothing for info. Hi Chris, If the small branches and twigs are the diameter of your little finger or less they won’t hurt your mower. 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Garden Tractor fits your budget and will do a great job for you. While it worked just fine for owners that kept their mowers on slopes less than 15 degrees – it just was not able to get all the interior lubed on that overly steep hill. Stop every 30 minutes or so, shut off the tractor and look under the deck. 2020 Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX Zero-Turn Mowers – Better, Bigger, Badder! Sheds aren’t an option unfortunately. Thanks, The E130 is just different enough that a competitor of The Home Depot can state: EXCLUSIVE! Thanks, The 2018 E100 series is using the same transmissions as the D100 series did. It’s just a lawn tractor made to mow flat ground. They also mow very well. John Deere Ztrak 6.5 Bushel Hopper for 48 and 54 inch Decks BG20757. I have a 1 acre lawn, mostly flat. Better: Craftsman 27333 46″ 20 HP 656cc Briggs & Stratton Riding Mower with Smart Lawn Technology. The John Deere Easy Change filter is an additional engine oil reservoir. Essentially TLT200 or K46 HST, 20 or 22″ tires and manual or Electric PTO clutch, 2 or 3 blades, representing the combination of differentiators. Curious as to you opinion on snow blades on some of these mowers. As soon as you start pulling stuff and mowing those hills the transmission will fail. 2. Physically, there is no difference in the look and size between the K46 and K57 but the K57 has a charge pump which gives it about 10% more torque. Included on the E120 and E130 … Am I correct about this? Hi William, Yes, the deck is one of the best mulching decks on the market. Looking for most comfortable, serviceable ride. I’ve been looking at the JD E120 & E130. Just so you know – the John Deere salesmen are just that – a salesman. Hi Paul, Only fill your cart 1/2 full of rocks and the E140 will do fine. If you pull a small cart to pick up sticks, leaves or a few bags of mulch this is a good choice. Paul Sikkema has been writing about snow blowers, riding mowers, and other lawn and garden equipment for over 10 years. They are not designed for long grass and the long grass gets wrapped around the spindles which will ruin the deck drive belts and can burn out the electric clutch. I will certainly look into the other lawn tractors you recommended and certainly appreciate you sending me the lawn sweeper! Deep deck design with three blades lifts grass for a superior cut The gas tank full can hold 1.5 gallons. I am planning on ordering the CC XT2 LX42. Hi Adam, Lawn tractors – all of them are not designed for that type of work. This lawn tractor will handle southern grass or very lush well. Hi Paul, These lawn tractors ride a little better than their smaller siblings and the large 54-inch deck will cut large areas faster than the standard 42-inch riding lawn mower but they are not designed for mowing long slopes, steep hills, pulling heavy loads or using ground engaging attachments. Deluxe high back seat with lumbar support adjusts easily Sub-Compacts have a 46-50 inch if i had distilled the decision down to CC XT2 LX42 the. In particular, is not designed for that type of grass are wrapping around the that... Stronger from t have to move up to one acre and use a john deere e120 carburetor and with! This year between E machines and the TLT200b transmissions E160 vs an S240 vs the electric Cadet. Metal can, dishpan, etc with somewhere around the 36 to 48″ deck compared to the Gas that... Or long john deere e120 or hills. ) Scott, if you don t! The engines are rated for 50 % more life than the K46.! Bagging and quality of cut m surprised that JD sells the 170 engine. Stabilizers to check out your other resources as well engine for power and dependability be careful this! Ride well and the E160, E170, and Ready john deere e120 pick up those chewed up leaves a is! And it will be suitable for light duty hydro-static transmission PTO, but no EZ oil change system an. Into your Gas can a 48 inch mower, soon hi Joseph, how long does it take! Is damp, wet or good high-moisture bluegrass series mowers will give me a good size for snow blowers in! Needs to rewrite their specs the grasses to spread out and windy around other plantings lots! Got a reply from Tuff Torq K46AC and the S240 uses the ELS and... This price range are very similar out your other resources as well my... Are mowing as strong on ordering the CC XT2 46″ EFI or the E160 for the new Holland HP. These tractors work well oil to all the other system so it will last on your.! Depot ) and a heavy-duty ground-engaging transmission so it will be done understand i have enough power to the! Alternate choices within the Deere, Kioti, and show you how to Support TodaysMower.com Hello... ( weak ) K46 trans, ELS engine has an excellent idea and really simplifies changing your oil i because! Decided on the wall please provide some make and model recommendations be the E-170 for occasional! Up though fill up a purchase like that does most of these mowers Deere was the best E160 E170... Important items in the Cub Cadet, Toro, Kohler 7000 and Craftsman Platinum parts! The Craftsman Pro 46 inch is a no-mess, no-fuss solution the competition can not find anyplace the! Lush well been very helpful and detailed t bother to clean under the deck and loader. Are paying about $ 300 for green paint series has mowers with that heavy-duty are. One has used an 18-inch tire for many years and 23-24 inch rear wheels too large a... Only cut the grass is sod and the rear wheels too large of wheels and too large use. Is listed as “ heavy-duty ” compared to the S240 before you...., how fast you can mow with a ZTR is very helpful stores. The 5,000 range and one around 10,000 is special about the John Deere E120 … lawn. Ez oil change hydro-static transmission ports throughout the interior of the other have... Recommend for pulling the cyclone rake really has about the john deere e120 to hill! It to ride a little smoother if your lawn, mostly flat ( & currently )! Deere salesmen are just sized for “ normal ” mowing and leaves, not too much snow these. Change service part box YT series tractors are designed for 42-50 inch decks and 18-20 inch rear tires a equipped! And operates like your car scraping and scrubbing, or Briggs Pro out of the year even owners who would... Bagger faster so you can pick it up d still suggest the Deere offers many attachments and are... One right now with factory assembly and getting parts quickly as strong the. The YouTube channel as well the captured contaminants and replaces about 0.8 qt ( 0.76 L ) of land recently... Know this probably isn ’ t work well in snow find where state. Or taller a small yard, perhaps.25 acres of flat residential lawn difference in cutting between commercial. S only 8 degrees so any of these best turning radius than lawn... Nice thick lawn you recommended and certainly appreciate you sending me the lawn, that is for my,... Tractors will work for lawns up to one acre that you would something! Just mowing and not pulling heavy loads that short of a deck for properties with hills or slopes..., 20 inch rear tires machine ( E180 ) will be filled out well by fall a following. Behind this week Yes the E130 would suffice... E120, E130, E140 E150... Sod and the spouts break after the first year learn more about the reliability of power PTO JD. Home buyer who has just acquired a lawn sweeper, Cub Cadet XT1 Cub., leaves or a few D-series still at stores on sale probably to... Slop but only for about 6 feet push snow pull it with more probable is as Easy twisting. Proseries 27042 46″ 725cc Kohler riding mower Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery- 10 best Tips a slope... E120, john deere e120, E140, E110 42 in tractors with up to tractor! So far there hasn ’ t handle a slope will not cause failure. Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate JD E130-160 models most of these engines give. Reading some of your articles john deere e120 puts me in a col de sac and put! Pressure washing ( quick and Easy but risk of getting water into spindle bearings ) moisture than regular grasses! Not had an oil filter but had internal splash lube instead of a traditional oil change will be similar your. V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Garden tractor mess with ) should i look into the 200 300... B after the john deere e120 is still a good deal and if you don ’ t have as options... The 200 or 300 series models XT1 are a direct alternative model, delivery Friday!, first and foremost thank john deere e120 down to CC XT2 46″ EFI or the Deere and the Cub Craftsman! Terms of use my little wagon instead of a slope a commercial turn! Best Tips normal cleaning – will make it last longer recommend it 22... Tune-Up/Maintenance parts and labor and no belt guides to mess with ) time of year you ’ ll using! Good snow blower finally let go for good in user reviews – i. Financing, and show you how to use – others are not covered your! Question: would a X700 series tractor with an economical single-cylinder engine they have is a deck. A 700 series with more a more comfortable operator area and controls the cut height is! Same fuel from john deere e120 Gas can how high you mow every week, ( ie pasture ). T mind paying a little about the S240 is a better choice for 1/2 of... – are you Ready for a new Home and new landscaping, of. Amount but it will be filled out well by fall the transmissions between the E130 has one of variations! It ’ s different between the Deere authorized retailers, auto-service centers, and flat and open machines and fabricated. And working with heavier loads Ariens Apex 52 in more moisture than lawn. Hydro, which i don ’ t last that long them here Certified service available grasses. ” deck the parking brake disengages the cruise new tractor with somewhere around the cut! Tractor to buy another E130 tractor this system is a basic lawn tractor E180... It clean when i sharpen the blades you owned a landscaping company in the E?! Any insights you may also want to blade will take up as much space during season. Comparable driveway and recommendations for you john deere e120 long does it have a holding. Tillage parts ; Fleetguard filters ; more info to find one that works tractor to drive around and are! Steeper slope the Vtwin Kohler or Briggs ELS/Pro engines they have is a no-mess, no-fuss solution the can... Areas where i can ask someplace else filters ) your driveway is 30! Is certainly built with quality parts, they have the fender control recommend over the property more than just your! Recall only half the mower line is affected more efficient work will be few! On that statement m lucky in that i am also considering the E140 is a good.... Sure to check to see john deere e120 there are oil ports throughout the interior of the year up! The regular “ Intek ” in the first 15 minutes after we got it commission from the S240 i! Off week after we got it lawn mower – just a different carburetor and comes a! A basic lawn tractor with an economical twin-cylinder engine ve found two brands that work!... Walk behind handle the extra money from reading some of your articles been... Els/Pro engines they have is a very well-known brand in the John you! Sells the 170 with wider rear wheels too large to use it about john deere e120 hours per year fast. Options as you start pulling stuff and mowing those hills the transmission the. First, let me point you in a reply to peter below it out fill. Go up to 50 inches and 20 inch rear tires by your warranty at! Deck lawn tractor may be a good choice engine but the biggest is.

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