If your high school offers any sort of business or business management courses, they are also a very good option for anyone wanting to become a secretary. School secretaries are to take industrial action from later this month in a dispute over pay and working conditions. Expect behavioral interview questions that evaluate the 5 key competencies required for success as a school secretary including: Organizational Skills. Teaching assistants first became commonplace in schools in the early 2000s, so it is possible that, during your own school career, you never encountered them. Strong organizational and planning skills are essential for the complexity and number of tasks a school secretary must perform. The most common areas of specialization are legal or medical secretary. Apply to School Secretary, Secretary, High School Teacher and more! Secretaries must understand, manage and support a business environment, so formal schooling on business in high school will prepare you well for working in a business office environment. Known as the hub of the school, the school secretary is an integral part of the smooth operation of the facility, staff and students, ensuring that the school and its resources and agendas dovetail in order to provide excellence educational opportunities to each student while functioning as a resource for the community. They have a solid knowledge of their school's history and how it is run. Here are the five steps you can take to become a secretary. School secretaries come into contact with a wide range of people, including teachers, pupils, parents and carers, education welfare officers, social workers and school governors. Today, they are considered integral cogs in the running of a school, providing much-needed support directly to students. If you'd like to become a specific type of secretary, you might take additional courses or pursue more specialized degree options. School secretaries have an all-encompassing position that requires office experience, political savvy and a calm demeanor. School secretaries are typically assigned to work either in an administrative office setting, or in a designated grade-level school building. A school’s secretary is often the first person you meet as you enter a school for the first time. School secretaries know their job description. Examples of School Secretary responsibilities include: taking phone calls, handling the correspondence, writing letters, writing reports, greeting visitors, liaising between staff members, ordering supplies, maintaining office equipment, and paying invoices. The job description for a school secretary encompasses general office duties as well as a multitude of school-specific needs. Requirements for a School Secretary. Step 1: Take Office Courses in High School. 799 School Secretary jobs available on Indeed.com. As an aspiring legal secretary, you might earn an associate's degree in paralegal studies. School Secretary Jobs & Job Description. Developing a strategic plan for the School, in consultation with the School Executive, including the preparation of a staffing and resource plan. The responsibilities of the Head of School include: Strategic and Budgetary Planning . TAs provide a hands-on role in helping children to learn in a one-on-one setting or in groups. She is also the first person you talk to on the telephone. Oftentimes, high school graduates who have … Engaging the staff of the School and the University's senior officers in devising and agreeing the School's plan. In some smaller schools, this role may involve taking on extra management duties, such as responsibility for finance. 5 Behavioral school secretary interview questions. For help with your resume, check out our extensive School Secretary Resume Samples. School secretaries are skilled in delivering information in a positive and welcoming manner.
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