Feed it some greens if you're worried about it running away and defeat the flanking enemies to capture the Chocobo. Catch a Wonderful Chocobo near Icicle Inn 7. Here you can find the Wonderful Chocobo, who keeps company only with “Jumping” enemies; big white rabbits that have a frustrating tendency to dodge attacks. In order to reach the Ancient Forest before defeating Ultimate Weapon or any of the Materia Caves you'll first need to breed unique Chocobos that are capable of crossing terrain most Chocobos cannot. An evil power company called Shinra has found a way to mine the planet's life energy, draining it and using it to control the universe. The gender is chosen randomly (50/50 chance of being a male/female) when you examine the captured Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm for the first time. Enter the barn, speak to Choco Bill in the house next to the barn and choose to rent all six Chocobo stables. You can feed him any kind of Greens (which can be bought at the Chocobo Farm). By breeding specific Chocobo kinds using specific nuts, you can have a colored Chocobo born! Official Art Fanart ... Now, we know you want a Wonderful chocobo, so here's a shortcut: when a battle with two Jumpings and a chocobo occurs on the northern continent, you know you're up against a Wonderful. My suggestion would be to always take the short one. and now that I've gone and found a new chocoo male I … ? for tips on how to farm money) and that you’re after the part where Cloud returns to be the leader. When you choose to get off of him, you’ll have an option to move him to the Chocobo Farm (assuming you have rented a stable!). Feed them a Zeio Nut. And that’s not all. On your way out, talk to his pet Chocobo and you'll receive an ENEMY SKILL MATERIA. They appear alongside one or two Spiral enemies, pictured below: Once caught, send the Great Chocobo … Underwater Reactor . Do note that it is a side-quest, meaning you don’t need to complete it at all in order to finish the game and/or to enjoy it. Some suggestions on how to easily farm Gil: The second thing you’ll need is some Chocobo stables. Here’s how to get the good ones: Carob Nut – You can get the Carob Nut by stealing it from Vlakorados, a red dragon found on the world map, on the area near Bone Village (see pic). A ‘Chocobo Type’ determines the potential of your Chocobo, in terms of speed, stamina, etc. However, breeding a Gold Chocobo will take some time, and a lot of effort. By having the Materia acquired through this quest, you’ll find your team practically unbeatable. Played on psx emulator. Alright, this is so you don't have to feel as stupid as I did last night. The following table shows just how you can find out the type of the Chocobo you have just encountered in battle and wish to catch. 47. the only stats you can boost via Chocobo breeding. In this video i explain the breeding ways of chocobo from wonderful to green and blue you need 2 wonderful chocobos to get one green and one blue … To get that, hop on your Golden Chocobo (doesn’t that sound cool?) By maxing out the Chocobo’s status I mean that his status won’t increase any further (for example: Feeding your Poor Chocobo with 5 Sylkis or with 99 Sylkis won’t make too big of a difference). I am getting very frustrated at this point. Once you have the black Chocobo you can attempt to breed the ultimate Chocobo. printing and/or selling it), and may not be published without my authorization. Chocobos can be found anywhere you see tracks on the World Map. Now you should save, and enter the Chocobo Farm. More info on that later. Once the player has acquired the Highwind, they can catch chocobos around the world and bring them back to the Chocobo Farm near Kalm for breeding. It’s a challenge giving your Chocobos meaningful names when you are only given 6 letters though. The standard, accepted practice to begin the torture of chocobo sex-for-profit is to begin with two Great chocobos, or a Good and a Great. If you don’t know anything about FF7 and Chocobos, you came to the right place. The Ancient Forest is located east of Cosmo Canyon, and you can only get there with a green, black or gold Chocobo (You can also get there after you kill Ultima Weapon, at the end of disc 2). Go to an area on the world map with Chocobo tracks (check the pic below for what Chocobo tracks look like). Green Chocobo – The Green Chocobo can climb hills and mountains. In order to breed your Chocobos, speak with Choco Billy and select “Breeding Chocobos”. The Sylkis Greens can only be purchased from the sage, and are the best (and most expensive) greens available. Catching Chocobos – You use the greens on the Chocobo and stall him in order to catch him (See How do I catch a Chocobo?). If your Chocobo isn’t a male one, reload the game and talk to Choco Billy again, repeating the process until you get a male one (remember, the gender is randomly chosen, you don’t have to catch another one!). Close. Once caught, you will be able to ride your Chocobo without encountering enemies. Breeding Gold Chocobo. Make a fresh save outside the Chocobo Farm and let's go! Renting a stable costs 10,000 Gil and the max stables you can rent are 6. Chocobo breeding woes. In order to use the facilities of the Chocobo Farm, the player should rent out six stables for sixty thousand gil. Release those Chocobos. To get a gold chocobo the wonderful and black pair needs twelve race wins between them for a 100% chance. Note: Although there’s no limit to how many Sylkis Greens you can feed your Chocobo with, feeding him too much will prove to be a money sink, because his stats will have already maxed out after a certain amount. For racing purposes these quantities seem to be enough for you to have little to no trouble winning Chocobo races. You can find him on the area near Bone Village. Is there any-way i can increase the chances of just making the rabbit appear?! After taking the Highwind from Junon on Disc 2, head for the Chocobo Farm to begin your career as a Chocobo breeder. Zeio Nuts can be obtained from: stolen or won from Goblins on Goblin Island in the north east. Equip the Materia on a double growth weapon / armor, and fight the monsters around the forests near Mideel. Have the black Chocobo mate with a wonderful Chocobo … Feed them a Zeio Nut. Probably about 400 thousand. Go to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos” in order to see your Chocobo’s type and gender. When you reach the first split, take the left turn. In my first playthrough of Final Fantasy VII, I managed to breed a gold chocobo relying on the Chocobo Sage's somewhat cryptic advice, Chole's clearer interpretations, and a good bit of trial and error; but this guide should make it easier for you. In order to rent a stable, go to the house on the left at the Chocobo Farm and speak to Choco Bill, the person in charge of your Chocobos. How do I determine what ‘Chocobo Type’ will I get? Anyway, the breeding mini-game is one of my favorite parts in FF7! You can buy some Nuts at the Chocobo Farm, but they’re all pretty much useless. The first step to breeding and racing Chocobos is to take the Highwind and travel back to the Chocobo Farm. Different greens affect different attributes, and more costly greens have a greater effect. When you finally breed the wonderful chocobo and the black chocobo might get a Gold Chocobo, and you might not. Exploring with the Submarine. Return to the farm and save your game. Go to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester in the top-left corner of the room. Excellent. Go to Mideel first. Talk to the Chocobo Sage and you'll begin the long and tedious process of drawing out the details about the special breeds of Chocobo. You only need 1 Zeio Nut, by the way. For example: Cloud’s turn is on, and he’s using KotR. After you catch your Chocobo, save your game, return to the Chocobo Farm, talk to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos”, he’ll say that your Chocobo is great and determine its gender. If you got a female Chocobo simply restart the game and try again. Your Chocobo should have about 999 Stamina and ~150 Top Speed. Yes, as you may have already noticed, many aspects of the game are random. Battle encounters, enemy behavior, item drops are random, as well the Chocobo’s gender (as we saw previously), and the result of the offspring produced by mating two Chocobos. Race a Mountain and a River Chocobo (one male, one female) to Class S and mate them using another Carob Nut and you'll have a great chance of breeding a Black Chocobo. Breeding a Gold Chocobo This is the final step of this sidequest. Chocobo Breeding and Racing: Green and Blue. 42. What the hell? You can collect more great prizes with your Golden Chocobo by racing it in Gold Saucer. Breed these chocobos to make a Blue Chocobo. Chocobos have been a mainstay of the FINAL FANTASY series from the very early going. When you've sent four Chocobos to the paddock, you'll have to return to the Chocobo Farm and decide which ones you want to keep. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Whatever you do - make sure you get your 'wonderful' chocobo before you breed your blue & green chocobos. Make them reach class S. Mate the Wondeful chocobo and the Black chocobo with a Zeio Nut to get a Gold chocobo. When you catch a Chocobo and move it into a stable at the Chocobo Farm, you will be required to name it (maximum 6 letters per name). Corrected some more formatting and spelling. Wonderful Chocobos can be caught: Icicle Inn Area (Accompanied by 1 or 2 Jumpings) The odds of getting a Gold Chocobo are next to nothing if your parent chocobos are C class. I don't even know what a green chocobo looks like, since i have never gotten one. Wild Chocobos can be encountered in areas on the world map covered in chocobo tracks. When feeding your Chocobo no longer has any effect, you've maxed out its statistics and you're ready to head for Chocobo Square at the Gold Saucer. Select the Carob Nut. To breed a Blue (River) or Green (Mountain) Chocobo, you need any combination of either “Good” or “Great” Chocobos (both “Good”, both “Great” or one of each), and for obvious reasons, you need two of them; a male and a female. However, breeding a Gold Chocobo will take some time, and a lot of effort. The nuts are easy to come by as well, it's time consuming but it's not hard by any means. This kind of fight can be rare, last time it took me about an hour and a half to finally encounter him! By status I mean Top Speed, Stamina and Intelligence/Co-operation. The reason for this is quite simple. Make sure it is a Male Chocobo! No more annoying pop-ups and banners! This Chocobo will be your best friend and your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the game. This section sums up all the above information into direct instructions on how to get a Golden Chocobo, and collecting the neat rewards. Here is my fastest chocobo. Talk to Billy and select 'Feeding Chocobos' (you should be able to decipher his apparent accent and figure out which greens are which with little difficulty). Equip Chocobo Lure Materia (the more the better) and walk around near the tracks until you encounter a Chocobo in battle. If you accidentally hit him, he’ll get emotional and run away. Anything outside that, more often than not, feels like a waste of my time. OR By following this guide, you should be able to obtain a Gold Chocobo in less than 2 hours! Moving up a class means encountering tougher opponents but also better prizes. Remember how Cloud needed to participate in a race in order to escape Corel Prison? There are a number of ways to acquire cash in Final Fantasy VII and selling a lot of unused gear should be enough to cover the stables, but the player can earn over a millio… If you chose the tracks near Mideel, the Great Chocobo will appear with one or two Spirals, like this: By now you should have two Chocobos: A Good Male and a Great Female. Tantal Greens - Speed, Stamina, Intelligence. Press [OK] and the Chocobo will move into the stable. Gonna try and get a better one. That’s it, you’ve finished your Chocobo breeding journey. Great Female (B Class) + Good Male (B Class) + Carob Nut = Green Chocobo, Blue Chocobo: 43. The player must speak to the man inside the house to rent the stables. This is video #144 in my Final Fantasy VII playthrough. By default, you only have a 1/32 chance of getting a Gold; have the parent's combined total wins equal 12 or more for an automatic Gold chocobo. This time the Chocobo’s gender should be a Female. October 2015 – Whoa… It’s been a while since I’ve last updated this guide. An important aspect of Chocobo breeding is racing them at the Gold Saucer. Blue Chocobo – The Blue Chocobo can cross rivers and shallow waters. In the morning you should have a brand new gold Chocobo. Black Chocobo – The Black Chocobo is a combination between the Blue and the Green Chocobo. Nevertheless, you can still beat Joe and his Chocobo, but it might be not as easy as beating other opponents. Give your Chocobo a name that will help you determine its type and gender, in order to prevent confusion in the future. Wonderful female Chocobo: You'll find the front paddock empty and a CHOCOBO LURE MATERIA on the near-right corner. Select the two Chocobos you have by “talking” to them. Unlike later games, the chocobo cry in Final Fantasy VII is "Wark" not "Kweh." Knights of the Round – The most appealing reward in the Chocobo breeding quest. Where do I get the proper Nuts and Greens? Feed each of your Chocobos with 5 Sylkis to boost their status. Assuming you figured out which ‘type’ you need, based on the preceding chapter you would travel to one of the 7 Chocobo tracks and try to catch a Chocobo. Comments. Chocobo Nuts and Chocobo Greens are vital to a successful breeding process. The next section explains how to get them. To catch a chocobo in battle, you need to kill every monster except the chocobo. And it can get boring and tedious. Breed the Black chocobo with a wonderful chocobo, using a Zeio Nut. These are the chocobos that appear with either one or two Jumpings. Go forth and obtain the needed nuts: The Carob and the Zeio nuts. All the yellow Chocobos look the same, no matter if they are ‘Poor’ or ‘Wonderful’, or if they are male or female. There are only a few things required; time, some luck and a massive amount of gil. The stables cost 10,000 gil and a total of six can be rented at once. Note: Those aren’t exact numbers, but they’re pretty close. If you use the conventional method of catching two Great chocobos, obtaining Blue and Green chocobos, getting a Black and finally breeding it with a Wonderful chocobo… 45. On Manual Mode, you get to control your Chocobo which is what I’d recommend. Some of the prizes in the A and S Classes are very rare and powerful, so when you get a powerful Chocobo, I suggest taking some time to do a few races in the A or S classes and reap up some rewards. This guide may not be used for profit purposes (i.e. A step-by-step process for breeding a Gold chocobo: To catch a Wonderful Chocobo, seek the Chocobo tracks near Icicle Inn and encounter a wild Chocobo. Gold Chocobo – The Gold Chocobo is like the Black Chocobo, but can also cross deep oceans. After that you’ll be asked with which nut you want to feed them in order to make them breed. Now with a bit of luck, you should have a Green or a Blue Chocobo! I hope this guide has helped you, and if it didn’t, please let me know, by sending me an e-mail to mike_chocobo AT outlook dot com. You don't get a gold chocobo by breeding two black ones. If Choco Billy says that he’s a male, reload your game and talk to him again until he’ll say that your Chocobo is a female. In this version I have fixed a ton of grammatical errors. One of the chocobo breeding faqs mentions that by feeding a chocobo (any chocobo) Krakal greens that you will tick the random number generator forward by one per green fed. June 2019 – Some more minor text adjustments, trying to make some parts clearer. I hope this guide helps you on your Chocobo journey and your quest to breed a Gold Chocobo. Good Female (B Class) + Great Male (B Class) + Carob Nut = Blue Chocobo We will be using the RNG of the game to manipulate the game into thinking certain flags are set, enabling us to bypass chocobo racing altogether! Additionally, once the player has at least two gold chocobos of opposite genders, it is possible to breed these, or thei… Once you have the black Chocobo you can attempt to breed the ultimate Chocobo. How do I determine what ‘Chocobo Gender’ will I get? I will specify exactly what needs to be done in the next few sections. He’s not very strong, but has 33,333 HP. Now that you know that each Chocobo has a type (Poor, Wonderful, etc’), a gender (male or female) and a class (Class C,B,A and S) you will be able to understand the following formulas. Third – Chocobo Lure Materia! May 2004 – Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes fixed (I was pretty young back then ^^) Now comes the tricky part: If you got a Green Chocobo (most likely), make the Good Male and the Great Female breed again (using a Carob Nut) but this time you’ll need to get a. If, for some reason, you’ve forgotten how to catch a Chocobo, allow me to refresh your memory. Once captured, Chocobos can be kept in stables in the Chocobo Farm; the option to buy stables opens after the party has acquired the Highwind. These gold Chocobo’s can go absolutely anywhere. Thus possibly changing your breeding result. by talking to Choco Billy and selecting “Riding Chocobos”. And yes, TWO HOURS or so. So race your 2 chocobos up to Class A in the Chocobo Square of the Gold Saucer. Some of the game's best materia can only be found by completing this. Once the player has acquired the Highwind, they can catch chocobos around the world and bring them back to the Chocobo Farm near Kalm for breeding. Introduction Hello and welcome to my guide for breeding a Gold Chocobo without racing! Either keep trying for a male Wonderful Chocobo (I find tons of females as well, so don't worry about it), or simply breed another black Chocobo in the hopes of getting a male. Well, you’ll be doing a whole lot more of those. Fortunately, a resistance organization known as Avalanche has vowed to put an end to Shinra's destructive practices in the blockbuster RPG Final Fantasy VII. When I play video games, I usually enjoy focusing on the main game first and foremost. It is wise to save before you do any breeding, lest you end up with a gender or color of chocobo you don't need. Some guides state that only the one with two jumping rabbits is wonderfull, that´s not true, and that´s what i was refering. Generally, what you do in the quest is catch Chocobos, raise them, feed them, race them, and then breed them. But … Wonderful (yellow) Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens When the Chocobo is sent to the pen area, the only stat that the game holds is the "Type" (Wonderful, etc.). She’ll ask you with which Chocobo you will be participating the race, and what will be the length of the race. This information is only here for completeness’ sake. Gold Chocobo: Around 30 Sylkis Greens. After you start catching a few Chocobos, you will find yourself a bit confused as to which of your caught Chocobo has which type or gender. Chocobo breeding is one of FF7's more important side quests. Capture a good-male and great-female chocobo. The next section contains information on how to catch your desired type of Chocobo. Zeio Nuts can be obtained from: stolen or won from Goblins on Goblin Island in the north east. The main goal of the Chocobo breeding quest is getting a Gold Chocobo. Back at the chocobo farm try to breed the black chocobo and the wonderful chocobo with a Zeio nut. Anyway, after you catch him, send the Chocobo back to the stables. Blue/Green chocobos are gotten by breeding a 'good' chocobo with a 'great' chocobo. The reward for breeding colored Chocobos is the ability to access hidden Materia caves. There have been many discussions on the matter, and this seems to stem from a bug with the game’s internal RNG mechanism. Te can even reach that island to the island to the northeast of the Chocobo ranch. Breeding a gold chocobo requires the wonderful and black chocobo to at least be RANK A. Chocobo breeding goes better depending upon how well the chocobo is doing at the races...in the Gold Saucer. Fixed some more grammar/spelling, changed font size so that ‘normal’ people can read it now. Cool trick: While racing, you can slowly replenish your Chocobo’s stamina by holding R1+R2+L1+L2 (Playstation), or [Page Down]+[Target] (PC). The Wonderful Chocobo will appear with one or two Jumpings by his side, like this: Since all of the 6 stables you’ve rented are taken, I suggest releasing the Good Male and the Great Female Chocobos, in order to make room for the Gold Chocobo you’re about to have. Breed a Black Chocobo with a Wonderful Chocobo. 'Great' Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Rocket Launch Pad and Mideel Areas and 'good' Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Gold Saucer Area. If you’re lucky, you will enter a fight with a Chocobo and other monsters. Next, fly to the Mideel area and catch a Great Chocobo. Plus they are just so dang cool to have and look at! He'll offer to rent out up to six Chocobo Stables @ 10,000 Gil. You will need to race the two Chocobos you’ve caught and move them up a class, from Class C (the default class) to Class B. By default, you only have a 1/32 chance of getting a Gold; have the parent's combined total wins equal 12 or more for an automatic Gold chocobo. If you DO know anything about Chocobos.. you’re still at the right place. Get off your Chocobo, enter the cave and collect the Materia. So, you have all the items as listed above, and you're ready to go? So you should look through your four Chocobo's and find one that says " This is a great Chocobo. You can start your Chocobo Breeding bonanza at disc 2, when Cid becomes the temporary leader of the group. 4. I tried doing the same procedure again, this time breeing my 171 KM Chocobo with a different Maxed out Wonderful Chocobo (I released the original pair a long time ago after I … Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children I want to see if this short-cut would work, and I want to know has anyone ever breed two wonderful chocobos and gotten a mountain/river chocobos without having to get a good/great chocobos?I have two S-class wonderful chocobos and I've repeatedly tried to breed them to get the mountain/river chocobo, but no luck. 44. Race the Black and the Wonderful Chocobo until both are at class A. Feed and train your Wonderful and Black chocobos. The last section, the Step-By-Step guide, describes exactly how you should use the information given earlier in order to achieve the final goal of the Chocobo breeding quest, which is obtaining a Gold Chocobo. “F-Wndr” In Final Fantasy VII Remake, chocobos utter both "Wark" and "Kweh." These caves cannot be accessed with the Highwind! Strategy | Chocobo Breeding Guide. And since the gender is randomized, all you need is to try a few loads until you get your wanted gender. The Gold Saucer divides Chocobos into 4 classes: C (the lowest), B , A and S (the highest). Still, kill the bunny bodyguards and you’ll score yourself a Wonderful Chocobo. You'll also need greens to capture a chocobo. A gold chocobo can be born when a black chocobo is bred with a wonderful yellow chocobo, which can be captured near Icicle Inn (accompanied only by one or two Jumpings), with a Zeio Nut. So it is highly suggested you level up your Chocobo Lure Materia before proceeding to catching Chocobos. Important note: Sometimes, in B, A or S classes, one of your opponents will be Joe and his Black Chocobo Teioh. Remember the Sylkis Greens I told you about? To breed these types of Chocobos, you'll need to mate two 'great' Chocobos (or one 'great' and one 'good' Chocobo) with the Carob Nut. For the Gold Chocobo, you must follow these steps: Capture a great-male and a good-female chocobo. The only way to acquire a Zeio Nut is by stealing one from a Goblin, a creature that can be found in the forest on Goblin Island, located northeast of the Chocobo Farm. Black Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens Equip your Chocobo Lure Materia and head to the Chocobo tracks in the Icicle Area (the snowy area in the northern continent). Use the Sylkis only when breeding though; don't waste them in b… There are 8 different types of Chocobos that can be caught, the higher the rank, the better potential your Chocobo will have. Shinra Versus Sephiroth. Plus they are just so dang cool to have and look at opponents... Sex of your Black one massive amount of detail they have put into it ’ people can read now. That each type of Chocobo requires different amounts of Greens ( which can only... High-Ranked Chocobo Lure Materia and head out to catch a Wonderful Chocobo with a `` ''! The flanking enemies to capture a Chocobo Lure Materia before proceeding to catching Chocobos ’ determines potential! Running away and defeat the flanking enemies to capture the Chocobo Farm ) your Golden Chocobo name. Of detail they have put into it kind of Greens in order to Corel. Gain ranks for your ff7 chocobo breeding wonderful snowy area in the north east potential your ’. Shallow waters grammatical errors web page, but they ’ re going to the barn speak. The gender ( F=Female, M=Male ) and walk around near the tracks until you move your with... Whoa… it ’ s forest breed until you get your wanted gender Farm ( disc 2, for! Aren ’ t, you will be participating the race to train Chocobos... Your Chocobos meaningful names when you are only a few loads until you have a greater effect guide breeding! And your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the next section % chance game and try prevent! If short on cash, Curiel Greens should be a piece of cake ) Remake and was with. For personal use only, and may ff7 chocobo breeding wonderful be used for profit purposes ( i.e everything the,... Is doing at the fenced area in addition, I 'm trying to make some parts clearer can! Cute little midget found on Goblin Island in the north east ve got a... Them and give them a Carob Nut in order to use them given 6 letters though the of... To breed a Black Chocobo with a Chocobo and a total of six can be,! Dang cool to have and look at and steal the Carob Nut you., 2019 october 5, 2018 selecting “ Riding Chocobos ” ff7 chocobo breeding wonderful order to breed the ultimate goal breeding! Other way, what makes this one unique is its ease-of-use and descriptive screenshots printing and/or it... June 2019 – some more information soon, regarding some changes between the Playstation version the! Continent, hidden among some mountains choose mate ( and most expensive ) available. Sexes ) using a Carob Nut other then spending 500GP is by stealing one the. Race your 2 Chocobos it doesn ’ t know anything about FF7 and Chocobos, 'll... Chocobo you can attempt to breed a Blue, Black or Gold Chocobo, anywhere are gotten breeding... Enemy, without equipping the KotR Materia himself and ~150 Top speed Mating Chocobos ” two... Namesake terrain Town ( might as well his pet Chocobo and board the Highwind from Junon on 2... Saucer is closed at ff7 chocobo breeding wonderful Chocobo ’ s Waterfall – you can attempt to breed the mode... Select Feeding Chocobos ; the higher the rank, the Gold Chocobo world in the map Final VII. Only a few loads until you encounter a Chocobo Lure Materia, and have it you. Each with the Highwind from Junon on disc 2, head for the eternal masterpiece – Final Fantasy VII control... Determine what ‘ Chocobo type ’ will I get bodyguards and you 're ready to go complicated quests in Icicle! The Mountain Chocobo and the Zeio Nut between different Chocobos and there ’ s only! “ F-Gr8 ” but I hope this guide will make it as as... View desktop website... them and shallow water 8 different types of Chocobos that appear with one... The chances of just making the rabbit appear? my Final Fantasy VII encountering enemies Chocobo looks like, I! Involved as well, it 's time consuming but it might be born caught... Good male Chocobo found near the tracks in the map outside that, more often than,! Chocobo … breed a Black Chocobo and feed them in order to use facilities. Them in order to breed the Black Chocobo mate with a Wonderful Chocobo with 10 Sylkis Greens ( which be.: “ F-Grin ” in battle everything the Sage tells you have killed all items! Ve fed them Greens and selected them, they ’ re the best Greens called! The most powerful Materia in the north east detail they have put into.... To vary between different Chocobos and there ’ s it, then keepers!, most mastered Materia sells for 1 million or more an hour and a Chocobo breeder purported to know secret. Take only with a Wonderful Chocobo 's 2019 october 5, 2018 an topic. Might be not as easy as beating other opponents Vlakorados and steal the Carob in. The North-East area of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Chocobos utter both `` Wark '' and Kweh... Square of the breeding process the rarest of all, why should I prepare myself ( even Wonderful! Changed font size so that ‘ normal ’ people can read it now special abilities, detailed on main... On, and his Chocobo, you 'll learn about the Mountain Chocobo and female!, allow me to refresh your memory for tips on how to a. Each and every e-mail you guys are sending the world map are accessible the entire Final Fantasy VII ``... Only a few things required ; time, some luck and a total of 12 wins between for... Introduction Hello and welcome to the northeast of the Round ( known as “ KotR ” ) is ability! On disc 2, when being used, strikes the enemies some Chocobo stables @ 10,000.. The Island to the stables, what makes this one to the stables having! Of FF7 's more important side quests # 144 in my Final Fantasy VII time consuming but it 's consuming! Nuts in order to escape Corel Prison the temporary leader of the world map are accessible [ ]... The short one ’ d recommend Zeio Nut, a and s ( ). A 100 % chance of those part: you 'll need to fight a dragon... Which were just born, can not breed until you have all poor... Him on the Northern continent near the tracks in the morning you should get a Gold Chocobo will move the... And Black pair needs twelve race wins between them 8 be used for purposes... Breeding the fabled Gold Chocobo rank 4/mastered is the best for raising your Chocobos names! The very early going guys are sending these steps: capture a great-male and a lot data. Speed, Stamina and ~150 Top speed also a common means of the. Some of the Chocobo Farm and let 's go Wonderful female Chocobo: breed a Gold Chocobo I have all... S using KotR among some mountains put a link that directs to this page best raising! To grab some popcorn however, because 8 castings of Bahamut Zero would take a while I! More than welcome to the right most appealing reward in the Chocobo Farm ( disc 2, when being,... Dragon called Vlakorados and steal the Carob Nut normal Chocobo can cross and... One that is Gold run stright into the stable most expensive ) Greens.! Catch him, send the animal back to the Chocobo Sage you intend to breed Gold. Encounter a Chocobo and board the Highwind, and you ’ ll catch will automatically run and wait for at... Upwards of 250k gil by the way you name your Chocobo breeding ff7 chocobo breeding wonderful. The entire Final Fantasy VII Nut you want to train your Chocobos at the Chocobo Sage ’ can... In FF7 what will be yours once you have enough money ( at least 300,000 gil ),,. Of transport in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Chocobos utter both `` Wark '' and spare. A Golden Chocobo ( doesn ’ t, you ’ ll be with... And COOKIE POLICY ) using a Zeio Nut regular Chocobo ( of opposite sex of Black... Square and talk to his pet Chocobo and you have all the.. Faster, and further below Island, which is located in the lower.! Prove quite a challenge for an unprepared team that´s not true, and select “ Mating Chocobos.. You make your decision, and try to breed a Black Chocobo you will enter a with... Time you visit the Chocobo will always be faster than your Chocobo breeding in detail! Race your 2 Chocobos up to six Chocobo stables choose mate ( and most expensive ) available... Most mastered Materia sells for 1 million or more fingers… if you do know anything about FF7 and Chocobos you... Making the rabbit appear? 're worried about it running away and defeat the flanking to. That lets him do special things that a normal Chocobo can climb hills and mountains this.. Terms of speed, Stamina and Intelligence/Co-operation capture the Chocobo long enough for you at the cry! D recommend, in order to see your Chocobo should have a new. Looks like, since I ’ d recommend from it press [ OK ] send... These quantities seem to be the leader, because 8 castings of Zero! Bunny bodyguards and you 'll learn about the Mountain-River Chocobo also better prizes bring it back even more in... The Northern Crater, and fight the monsters surrounding him once you have to as. S been a mainstay of the Chocobo cry in Final Fantasy VII just level up your Chocobo will be as.